python beginner quiz

Python(3.2) online skill test

This is a basic quiz on Python comprising 30 questions. Duration of the quiz is 20 minutes. Once you finish the quiz, you may view all the questions and associated answers. Answers also include links to the related tutorials.
We have a commenting system in place, but please don’t include answers or even hints to answers, those will not be published. Use the commenting system to improve the quality or to add value to the users only.

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8 responses to “python beginner quiz”

  1. ramadevi rongala says:

    nice quiz thank u….

  2. Jignesh Rathod says:

    nice quiz

  3. Kwaku Pampz says:

    i have a problem with the question x=0 for i in range(2,10,2) x=x+i

  4. Kwaku Pampz says:

    the quiz is very good anyway

  5. bonul says:

    __name__ returns __main__? How does it work?

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