C++ Exercises: Reverse a string

C++ For Loop: Exercise-85 with Solution

Write a program in C++ to reverse a string.

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C++ Exercises: Reverse a string

Sample Solution:-

C++ Code :

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

void revOfString(const string& a);

int main()
    string str;
    cout << "\n\n Reverse a string:\n";
	cout << "----------------------\n";
	cout << " Enter a string: ";
    getline(cin, str);
    cout << " The string in reverse are: ";    
    return 0;    

void revOfString(const string& str)
    size_t lengthOfString = str.size();

    if(lengthOfString == 1)
       cout << str << endl;
       cout << str[lengthOfString - 1];
       revOfString(str.substr(0, lengthOfString - 1));

Sample Output:

 Reverse a string:                                                     
 Enter a string: w3resource                                            
 The string in reverse are: ecruoser3w  


Flowchart: Reverse a string

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