Privacy policy

w3resource (may be referred as 'we' hereafter) wants to inform our users regarding our privacy policies and how we or our partners may collect information from user and regarding our as well as our partner's commitment to protect privacy of our users. We request you to read this carefully.

Collection of information

Server Logs

When a user visits our website, his/her IP address may be stored in our server's log files. This is necessary to detect a malicious attack or a visit with oblique intention. We delete this data stored in our log files periodically and do not share it with any third party. Our server is hosted with DigitalOcean. You may read their security page here.


Users may comment (text, code) using our commenting system, which runs on Disqus. Everything a user writes there is stored on servers of Disqus. We do not share that with any third party. You may read privacy policy of Disqus here.


We use Google Analytics for tracking our website traffic. This information may include various information, not necessarily limited to information like user's browser, device and location. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information form user's browser for doing this. This is stored on Google's servers on its entirety. Google may share this information with other Google products and services (e.g. Google Adsense). You may read Google's privacy compliance here.

You can prevent Google Analytics from using your information by opting out at this link: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout


Various organizations display advertisements on our website. We use Google Adsense and BuySellAds for this. Both Google Adsense and Amazon CPM Ad Network use cookies to collect information from users browser for showing targeted advertisements. They may also share this information with third parties. You may read privacy policy of Google Adsense here and BuySellAds here.


w3resoure may use forms to collect user's email address only in a couple of occasions to register a user. This event of collection of email address solely serves the purpose of communicating with the user and by any means not shared with any third party whatsoever. In general, one does not need to register for visiting our website. Those occasions mentioned are explicitly for usage of certain nature. Whenever one needs to supply his/her email id for user registration, it is explicitly mentioned there and one may opt for not registering with us if (s)he does not feel comfortable sharing email address. One may also ask us to remove his/her email address by asking so sending an email to w3resource[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Code examples

There may lie certain code examples on w3resource where cookies are used. But these are solely for demonstration purpose we neither intend to collect any user information nor we retain the output which the code associated may return.

User information collected by w3resource explicitly

w3resource on its own neither use cookies nor use any other technologies to collect user information of any form (e.g. IP, device, location etc) other than the ways specified under the headings of Server Logs, Analytics, Advertising.

Other privacy policies

We may use external links and when done, it is solely for the purpose of citation. Onus is not on us regarding privacy policy of a website where a user lands up from a link on our website.

We are not associated with w3.org.

This document is subject to change and we will update this document as and when we change our privacy policy. In case one wants to know further regarding our privacy policy, (s)he may write to us at reachw3r[at]yahoo[dot]com.