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Founded in October 2008, live from 7th February 2011, w3resource.com was created aiming to be the largest online web development resource which beginners can use as a comprehensive learning resource and experienced web developers can use it a reference.

w3resource regularly update its content.

While creating the site, we have tried to be thorough and we continually put our efforts to improve the quality of the content.

w3resource.com is created by a team of developers based in Burdwan, WestBengal, India. You may contact us on mail reachw3r[at]yahoo[dot]com.

w3resource.com is not related to W3C by any means except some of the topics taught by w3resource follows standards maintained by W3C.

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<p><a href='https://www.w3resource.com'>w3resource.com is a free online Web development tutorial to learn and practice web development technologies.</a></p>

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