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Java String Exercises: Check whether a string is pq-balanced or not

Java String: Exercise-70 with Solution

Write a Java program to check whether a string is pq-balanced or not. A String is pq-balanced if for all the p's in the string atleast one 'q' must exists right of the p's. But 'q' before the 'p' makes the pq-balanced false.

Sample Solution:

Java Code:

import java.util.*;
public class Main
public boolean pqBalanceString(String stng) 
  Boolean p = false;
  Boolean q = false;
  int len = stng.length();
  for (int i = 0; i < len; i++) 
    if (stng.charAt(i) == 'p' && q == true)
      p = true;
      q = false;
	else if (stng.charAt(i) == 'p') 
      p = true;
    if (stng.charAt(i) == 'q' && p == true)
      q = true;
  if (p == false)
    q = true;
  return q;
public static void main (String[] args)
      Main m= new Main();
      String str1 =  "gfpmpnppqab";
      System.out.println("The given strings is: "+str1);
      System.out.println("The string is pq-balanced? "+m.pqBalanceString(str1));

Sample Output:

The given strings is: gfpmpnppqab
The string is pq-balanced? true

The given strings is: gfpmpnpqpab
The string is pq-balanced? false


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