Python: Find the operating system name, platform and platform release date

Python Basic: Exercise-142 with Solution

Write a Python program to find the operating system name, platform and platform release date.

Sample Solution-1:

Python Code:

import os, platform
print("Operating system name:")
print("Platform name:")
print("Platform release:")

Sample Output:

Operating system name:                                                  
Platform name:                                                          
Platform release:                                                       

Sample Solution-2:

Python Code:

import os
import sys
import platform
import sysconfig
print("os.name                     ", os.name)
print("sys.platform                ", sys.platform)
print("platform.system()           ", platform.system())
print("sysconfig.get_platform()    ", sysconfig.get_platform())
print("platform.machine()          ", platform.machine())
print("platform.architecture()     ", platform.architecture())

Sample Output:

os.name                      posix
sys.platform                 linux
platform.system()            Linux
sysconfig.get_platform()     linux-x86_64
platform.machine()           x86_64
platform.architecture()      ('64bit', 'ELF') 

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