Python: Check if two given numbers are Co Prime or not

Python Basic - 1: Exercise-119 with Solution

Two numbers are coprime if their highest common factor (or greatest common divisor if you must) is 1.
Write a Python program to check if two given numbers are Co Prime or not. Return True if two numbers are Co Prime otherwise return false.

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

def gcd(p,q):
# Create the gcd of two positive integers.
    while q != 0:
        p, q = q, p%q
    return p
def is_coprime(x, y):
    return gcd(x, y) == 1
print(is_coprime(17, 13))
print(is_coprime(17, 21))
print(is_coprime(15, 21))
print(is_coprime(25, 45))

Sample Output:



Flowchart: Python - Check if two given numbers are Co Prime or not.

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Python: Tips of the Day

Maps the values of a list to a dictionary using a function, where the key-value pairs consist of the original value as the key and the result of the function as the value:


def tips_map_dictionary(itr, fn):
  ret = {}
  for a in itr:
    ret[a] = fn(a)
  return ret
print(tips_map_dictionary([2,4,6], lambda a: a * a))


{2: 4, 4: 16, 6: 36}


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