Python: Validate a Gregorian date

Python Datetime: Exercise-53 with Solution

Write a Python program to validate a Gregorian date. The month is between 1 and 12 inclusive, the day is within the allowed number of days for the given month. Leap year’s are taken into consideration. The year is between 1 and 32767 inclusive.

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

import datetime
def check_date(m, d, y):
        m, d, y = map(int, (m, d, y))
        datetime.date(y, m, d)
        return True
    except ValueError:
        return False

print(check_date(11, 11, 2002))
print(check_date('11', '11', '2002'))
print(check_date(13, 11, 2002))

Sample Output:



Flowchart: Validate a Gregorian date.

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