Inviting useful, relevant, well-written and unique guest posts

We are inviting guest posts which will add value to our readers as well as to the resume/portfolio of the author.

Guest posts are required to be adhered to the following guideline.

It must be useful, relevant, well-written and unique.

Must not be less than 500 words, must include code/commands and pictorials complementing the explanation. In case the author can not create professional quality images, she may breif us the idea and we will create pictorial out of that.

Following topics are most preferred : Full stack web development, Front end technologies, Machine Learning, AI, IOT, Database (both RDBMS and NoSQL), Devops, Algorithms and Data Structures.

Articles which are based on a real world example are preferred. For example, how to build, test a real world web app built on Express, React and Mongodb and deployed on a serverless architecture is much preferred than an article describing key features of React.

Articles which are using a pattern where it starts with ideation and then exaplains coding, testing, deploying and CI/CD are preferred.

If one is writing about Algorithms and Data Structures, it must include theory, mathematical expression, pseudo code, example code in atleast two languages (Python, Java, C++ preferred).

Make sure that the article does not have any grammatical errors before you send it to us.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

Once you send the article, we will review it throughly and if found suitable, then only it will be published. We may accept or reject an article based on our review and will not answerable to the applicant why her article is not published.

All articles will be published under Creative Common License. Please read this https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/deed.en_US carefully.

At the end of the article, we will add profile of the author.

You may send your articles to this : [email protected] as an attachment (files must be in .docx/.doc). Any other format may not be accepted.

Office address of the w3resource.com is :

DataSoft, 21 Ramkrishna Road, Purba Barddhaman, WestBengal, India, PIN - 713101.