C Exercises: Calculate the total number of hours and minutes

C Input Output statement and Expressions: Exercise-6 with Solution

Write a program in C that takes minutes as input, and display the total number of hours and minutes.

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C Input Output: Calculate the total number of hours and  minutes

Sample Solution:

C Code:

#include <stdio.h>     // Include the standard input/output header file.

int tot_mins;  /* given number of minutes */
int hrs;          /* number of hours (to be computed) */
int mins;        /* number of minutes (to be computed) */

const int MINaHOUR = 60;      /* number of minutes in an hour */

char line_text[50];      /* line of input from keyboard */

int main() {
printf("Input minutes: ");   // Prompt the user to input minutes.
fgets(line_text, sizeof(line_text), stdin);   // Read a line of input from the user and store it in 'line_text'.
sscanf(line_text, "%d", &tot_mins);   // Convert the input to an integer and store it in 'tot_mins'.

hrs = (tot_mins / MINaHOUR);   // Calculate the number of hours.
mins = (tot_mins % MINaHOUR);   // Calculate the remaining minutes.

printf("%d Hours, %d Minutes.\n", hrs, mins);   // Print the calculated hours and minutes.

return(0);   // Return 0 to indicate successful execution of the program.

Sample Output:

Input minutes: 546                                                                                            
9 Hours, 6 Minutes.


C Programming Input Output Flowchart: Calculate the total number of hours and  minutes.

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