C Exercises: Sort a singly linked list using merge sort

C Singly Linked List : Exercise-17 with Solution

Write a C program to sort a singly linked list using merge sort.

Sample Solution:

C Code:

#include <stdlib.h>

struct Node {
    int data;
    struct Node* next;

// Function to create a new node
struct Node* new_Node(int data) {
    struct Node* node = (struct Node*) malloc(sizeof(struct Node));
    node->data = data;
    node->next = NULL;
    return node;

struct Node* sorted_Merge(struct Node* x, struct Node* y) {
    struct Node* result = NULL;

    // Base cases
    if (!x)
        return y;
    if (!y)
        return x;

    // Pick either a or b, and recur
    if (x->data <= y->data) {
        result = x;
        result->next = sorted_Merge(x->next, y);
    } else {
        result = y;
        result->next = sorted_Merge(x, y->next);
    return result;

struct Node* getMiddle(struct Node* head) {
    if (!head)
        return head;

    struct Node *slow = head, *fast = head;
    while (fast->next && fast->next->next) {
        slow = slow->next;
        fast = fast->next->next;
    return slow;

struct Node* mergeSort(struct Node* head) {
    if (!head || !head->next)
        return head;

    // Split the linked list into two halves
    struct Node *middle = getMiddle(head);
    struct Node *nextOfMiddle = middle->next;
    middle->next = NULL;

    // Sort the two halves recursively
    struct Node *left = mergeSort(head);
    struct Node *right = mergeSort(nextOfMiddle);

    // Merge the sorted halves
    struct Node *sortedList = sorted_Merge(left, right);
    return sortedList;

// Function to display a linked list
void displayList(struct Node* head) {
    while (head) {
        printf("%d ", head->data);
        head = head->next;

int main() {
    struct Node* list = new_Node(2);
    list->next = new_Node(3);
    list->next->next = new_Node(1);
    list->next->next->next = new_Node(7);
    list->next->next->next->next = new_Node(5);
    printf("Sort the said singly linked list using merge sort:\n");
	struct Node* result = mergeSort(list);
	printf("\nAfter sorting the said list:\n");
    return 0;

Sample Output:

Sort the said singly linked list using merge sort:
2 3 1 7 5 

After sorting the said list:
1 2 3 5 7 

Flowchart :

Flowchart: Sort a singly linked list using merge sort.
Flowchart: Sort a singly linked list using merge sort.

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