C Exercises: Convert a string to an integer

C Variable Type : Exercise-13 with Solution

Write a C program to convert a string to an integer.

Sample Solution:

C Code:


int main ()
		int num1;
		char my_array [256];

		printf ("\nInput a number : ");
		fgets (my_array, 256, stdin);

		num1 = atoi (my_array);
		printf ("The value Input is %d.\n\n", num1);

		return 0;

Sample Output:

Input a number : 100                                                                                          
The value Input is 100. 


C Exercises Flowchart: Convert a string to an integer

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C Programming: Tips of the Day

Static function in C

Making a function static hides it from other translation units, which helps provide encapsulation.


intf1(int);        /* prototype */
staticintf2(int); /* prototype */

intf1(int foo){
return f2(foo); /* ok, f2 is in the same translation unit */
/* (basically same .c file) as f1         */

intf2(int foo){
return42 + foo;


intf1(int); /* prototype */
intf2(int); /* prototype */

    f1(10); /* ok, f1 is visible to the linker */
    f2(12); /* nope, f2 is not visible to the linker */

Ref : https://bit.ly/3slAgzt


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