C Exercises: Convert a string to an integer

C Variable Type : Exercise-13 with Solution

Write a C program to convert a string to an integer.

Sample Solution:

C Code:


int main ()
		int num1;
		char my_array [256];

		printf ("\nInput a number : ");
		fgets (my_array, 256, stdin);

		num1 = atoi (my_array);
		printf ("The value Input is %d.\n\n", num1);

		return 0;

Sample Output:

Input a number : 100                                                                                          
The value Input is 100. 


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It is a quirk of the syntax for passing arrays to functions.

Actually it is not possible to pass an array in C. If you write syntax that looks like it should pass the array, what actually happens is that a pointer to the first element of the array is passed instead.

Since the pointer does not include any length information, the contents of your [] in the function formal parameter list are actually ignored.

Ref : https://bit.ly/3fhlvdH