C Exercises: Abort the current process

C Variable Type : Exercise-17 with Solution

Write a C program to abort the current process.

Sample Solution:

C Code:

#include<stdio.h>      // Include the standard input/output header file.
#include<stdlib.h>     // Include the standard library header file.

int main ()          // Start of the main function.
    FILE * FilePtr;    // Declare a pointer to a file 'FilePtr'.

FilePtr= fopen ("myfile.txt","r");   // Open the file "myfile.txt" in read mode.

if (FilePtr == NULL)   // Check if the file could not be opened.
fputs ("\n File does not exist or error, in opening the file.\n",stderr);   // Print an error message.
abort();   // Terminate the program abnormally.

fclose (FilePtr);   // Close the file.

return 0;   // Return 0 to indicate successful execution of the program.
}   // End of the main function.


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