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C# Sharp Exercises: Calculate the speed in kilometers and miles per hour from distance and time

C# Sharp Basic Data Types: Exercise-7 with Solution

Write a C# Sharp program that takes distance and time as input and displays the speed in kilometers per hour and miles per hour.

Sample Solution:-

C# Sharp Code:

using System;
public class Exercise7
  public static void Main()
    float distance;
    float hour, min, sec;
    float timeSec;
    float mps;
    float kph, mph;
    Console.Write("Input distance(meters): ");
    distance = Convert.ToSingle(Console.ReadLine());
    Console.Write("Input timeSec(hour): ");
    hour = Convert.ToSingle(Console.ReadLine());
    Console.Write("Input timeSec(minutes): ");
    min = Convert.ToSingle(Console.ReadLine());
    Console.Write("Input timeSec(seconds): ");
    sec = Convert.ToSingle(Console.ReadLine());
    timeSec = (hour*3600) + (min*60) + sec;
    mps = distance/timeSec;
    kph = (distance/1000.0f)/(timeSec/3600.0f);
    mph = kph / 1.609f;
    Console.WriteLine("Your speed in meters/sec is {0}", mps);
    Console.WriteLine("Your speed in km/h is {0}", kph);
    Console.WriteLine("Your speed in miles/h is {0}", mph);

Sample Output:

Input distance(meters): 10000                                                                                 
Input timeSec(hour): 1                                                                                        
Input timeSec(minutes): 35                                                                                    
Input timeSec(seconds): 5                                                                                     
Your speed in meters/sec is 1.752848                                                                          
Your speed in km/h is 6.310254                                                                                
Your speed in miles/h is 3.921849   


Flowchart: Calculate the speed in kilometers and miles per hour from distance and time.

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