C#: Display first 10 natural numbers

C# Sharp For Loop: Exercise-1 with Solution

Write a program in C# Sharp to display the first 10 natural numbers.

Visual Presentation:

C# Sharp Exercises: Display first 10 natural numbers

Sample Solution:

C# Sharp Code:

using System;  // Importing necessary namespace

public class Exercise1  // Declaration of the Exercise1 class
    public static void Main()  // Main method, entry point of the program
        int i;  // Declaration of variable 'i' to store natural numbers

        Console.Write("\n\n");  // Displaying new lines
        Console.Write("Display the first 10 natural numbers:\n");  // Displaying the purpose of the program
        Console.Write("---------------------------------------");  // Displaying a separator
        Console.WriteLine("The first 10 natural numbers are:");  // Displaying a message for the user

        for (i = 1; i <= 10; i++)  // Loop to print the first 10 natural numbers
            Console.Write("{0} ", i);  // Printing each natural number
        Console.Write("\n\n");  // Displaying new lines	

Sample Output:

Display the first 10 natural numbers:                                                                         
The first 10 natural number are:                                                                              
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 


Flowchart: Display first 10 natural numbers

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