C#: Convert a number in decimal to hexadecimal

C# Sharp For Loop: Exercise-55 with Solution

Write a program in C# Sharp to convert a decimal number to hexadecimal.

C# Sharp: Convert a number in decimal to hexadecimal

Sample Solution:-

C# Sharp Code:

using System;  // Importing necessary namespace

public class Exercise55  // Declaration of the Exercise55 class
    public static void Main()  // Main method, entry point of the program
        int decn, q, dn = 0, m, l;  // Declaration of variables
        int tmp;
        int s;
        Console.Write("Convert a number in decimal to hexadecimal:\n");

        Console.Write("Input  any Decimal number: ");
        decn = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine());  // Taking user input for a decimal number
        q = decn;

        // Converting decimal to hexadecimal
        for (l = q; l > 0; l = l / 16)
            tmp = l % 16;
            if (tmp < 10)
                tmp = tmp + 48;  // For digits less than 10, adding ASCII value of '0'
                tmp = tmp + 55;  // For digits greater than 9, adding ASCII value of 'A'

            dn = dn * 100 + tmp;  // Generating a number with two digits for each hexadecimal character

        Console.Write("\nThe equivalent Hexadecimal Number : ");
        // Reconstructing the hexadecimal number by extracting digits from the generated number
        for (m = dn; m > 0; m = m / 100)
            s = m % 100;  // Extracting two digits at a time
            Console.Write("{0}", (char)s);  // Printing the character equivalent of the hexadecimal number

        Console.Write("\n\n");  // Adding new lines for better readability

Sample Output:

Convert a number in decimal to hexadecimal:                                                                 
Input  any Decimal number: 1015                                                                             
The equivalent Hexadecimal Number : 3F7


Flowchart : Convert a number in decimal to hexadecimal

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