C# Sharp Exercises: Declare a simple structure

C# Sharp STRUCTURE: Exercise-1 with Solution

Write a program in C# Sharp to declare a simple structure.

Sample Solution:-

C# Sharp Code:

using System;
struct w3rStruct
    public int x;
    public int y;
class strucExer1
    public static void Main()
        Console.Write("\n\nDeclare a simple structure :\n");
        w3rStruct w3st = new w3rStruct();
        w3st.x = 15;
        w3st.y = 25;
        int sum = w3st.x + w3st.y;
        Console.WriteLine("The sum of x and y is {0}\n",sum);

Sample Output:

Declare a simple structure :                                                                                  
The sum of x and y is 40


Flowchart: Declare a simple structure.

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