CSS Properties: How to align content flex-end at the end of the container?

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HTML Code:

<!DOCTYPE html><!-- Define document type as HTML -->
<html><!-- Begin HTML document -->
<head><!-- Start of document header -->
<meta charset="utf-8"><!-- Specify character encoding -->
<title>How to align content flex-end at the end of the container</title><!-- Title of the HTML page -->
<style>/* Begin CSS styling */

div#xyz { /* CSS rule for div with id "xyz" */
width: 200px; /* Set width of the div to 200 pixels */
height: 250px; /* Set height of the div to 250 pixels */
border: 1px solid black; /* Set border of the div */
display: -webkit-flex; /* Safari */ /* Use flexbox layout for Safari */
-webkit-align-items: flex-end; /* Safari 7.0+ */ /* Align items at the end for Safari */
display:flex; /* Use flexbox layout for other browsers */
align-items:flex-end; /* Align items at the end for other browsers */
div#xyz div { /* CSS rule for divs nested under div with id "xyz" */
-webkit-flex: 1; /* Safari 6.1+ */ /* Allow the divs to grow equally for Safari */
flex: 1; /* Allow the divs to grow equally for other browsers */
</style><!-- End of CSS styling -->
</head><!-- End of document header -->
<body><!-- Start of document body -->

<div id="xyz"><!-- Start of div with id "xyz" -->
<div style="background-color:#99FF99;">Item1</div><!-- First nested div with background color -->
<div style="background-color:#33CCFF;">Item2  with more content.</div><!-- Second nested div with background color and text -->
<div style="background-color:#FF99FF;">Item3</div><!-- Third nested div with background color -->
</div><!-- End of div with id "xyz" -->

</body><!-- End of document body -->
</html><!-- End of HTML document -->


  • The HTML code creates a container div with the ID "xyz" and nested divs within it.
  • CSS is used to style the container div and its child divs, including setting width, height, border, and flexbox properties.
  • Flexbox properties are applied to align the child divs at the end of the container div using the align-items: flex-end; property.
  • The align-items property is set to "flex-end" for both Safari and other browsers to ensure the child divs are aligned at the end of the container.

Live Demo:

See the Pen align-content-flex-end-answer by w3resource (@w3resource) on CodePen.

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