CSS Properties: How to set animatable border?

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HTML Code:

<!DOCTYPE html><!-- Declaration of HTML5 document type -->
<title>How to set animatable border</title><!-- Title of the HTML document -->
<style>/* CSS style start*/
#div {
    width: 200px; /* Sets the width of the div element */
    height: 100px; /* Sets the height of the div element */
    border: 15px solid coral; /* Sets the border style, width, and color for the div element */
    -webkit-animation: mymove 5s infinite; /* Sets a webkit animation for the div element */
    animation: mymove 5s infinite; /* Sets a standard animation for the div element */
@keyframes mymove { /* Defines a keyframe animation named "mymove" */
    50% {border-color: blue;} /* Specifies that at 50% of the animation duration, the border color changes to blue */
<div>w3resource HTML5 Tutorial - HTML5 is the fifth revision of HTML, a markup language to present and structure web document.</div><!-- Content inside a div element -->


  • This HTML document demonstrates how to set an animatable border using CSS animations.
  • The CSS style block defines a #div selector that applies styles to a <div> element.
  • width: 200px; sets the width of the <div> element to 200 pixels.
  • height: 100px; sets the height of the <div> element to 100 pixels.
  • border: 15px solid coral; sets the border style to solid, width to 15 pixels, and color to coral for the <div> element.
  • -webkit-animation: mymove 5s infinite; and animation: mymove 5s infinite; apply animations to the <div> element. The animation mymove lasts for 5 seconds and repeats infinitely.
  • @keyframes mymove { ... } defines a keyframe animation named mymove.
  • 50% {border-color: blue;} specifies that at 50% of the animation duration, the border color changes to blue.

Live Demo:

See the Pen border-color-animatable-answer by w3resource (@w3resource) on CodePen.

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