HTML CSS Exercise: Descendant selector


HTML Code:

<!DOCTYPE HTML><!-- Document type declaration -->
<html lang="en"><!-- Opening HTML tag with language attribute set to English -->
<head><!-- Head section containing metadata -->
<meta charset=utf-8><!-- Character encoding declaration -->
<title>CSS Descendant selectors example</title><!-- Title of the HTML document -->
<style type="text/css"> /* Opening style tag for CSS with type attribute */
p span{ /* Descendant selector targeting <span> elements within <p> elements */
color:#4b6c9c; /* Set color of <span> elements */
</style><!-- Closing style tag -->
</head><!-- Closing head tag -->
<body><!-- Body section of the HTML document -->
<p>Only run of <span>text within span</span> will be of different color</p><!-- Paragraph element with <span> element inside -->
</body><!-- Closing body tag -->
</html><!-- Closing HTML tag -->


  • The HTML document declares the document type and specifies the language as English.
  • Character encoding is set to UTF-8 to support a wide range of characters.
  • CSS is used to style the <span> elements that are descendants of <p> elements.
  • The style rule sets the color of such <span> elements to a specific shade of blue.
  • The <p> element in the body of the document contains text content, with a <span> element inside it. The text within the <span> element will be displayed in the specified color.

Live Demo:

See the Pen descendant-selectors-answer by w3resource (@w3resource) on CodePen.

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