Java Program to Manage Course Details and Online Course Features

Java OOP: Exercise-23 with Solution

Write a Java program to create a class called "Course" with attributes for course name, instructor, and credits. Create a subclass "OnlineCourse" that adds attributes for platform and duration. Implement methods to display course details and check if the course is eligible for a certificate based on duration.

Sample Solution:

Java Code:


// Define the Course class
public class Course {
    // Attributes for the course name, instructor, and credits
    private String courseName;
    private String instructor;
    private int credits;

    // Constructor to initialize the Course object
    public Course(String courseName, String instructor, int credits) {
        this.courseName = courseName;
        this.instructor = instructor;
        this.credits = credits;

    // Method to display course details
    public void displayCourseDetails() {
        System.out.println("Course Name: " + courseName);
        System.out.println("Instructor: " + instructor);
        System.out.println("Credits: " + credits);

    // Getter for course name
    public String getCourseName() {
        return courseName;

    // Getter for instructor
    public String getInstructor() {
        return instructor;

    // Getter for credits
    public int getCredits() {
        return credits;


Course Class:

  • Attributes: courseName, instructor, and credits.
  • Constructor: Initializes the attributes.
  • displayCourseDetails(): Prints the course details.
  • Getters: Methods to get the values of the attributes.


// Define the OnlineCourse subclass that extends the Course class
class OnlineCourse extends Course {
    // Additional attributes for the platform and duration
    private String platform;
    private int duration; // duration in hours

    // Constructor to initialize the OnlineCourse object
    public OnlineCourse(String courseName, String instructor, int credits, String platform, int duration) {
        super(courseName, instructor, credits); // Call the superclass constructor
        this.platform = platform;
        this.duration = duration;

    // Method to display course details, including platform and duration
    public void displayCourseDetails() {
        super.displayCourseDetails(); // Call the superclass method to display common details
        System.out.println("Platform: " + platform);
        System.out.println("Duration: " + duration + " hours");

    // Method to check if the course is eligible for a certificate based on duration
    public boolean isEligibleForCertificate() {
        // Assume that a course is eligible for a certificate if its duration is at least 10 hours
        return duration >= 10;

    // Getter for platform
    public String getPlatform() {
        return platform;

    // Getter for duration
    public int getDuration() {
        return duration;


OnlineCourse Class:

  • Extends Course.
  • Additional Attributes: platform and duration.
  • Constructor: Initializes the attributes, calling the superclass constructor for the common attributes.
  • displayCourseDetails(): Overridden to include additional details specific to online courses.
  • isEligibleForCertificate(): Checks if the course duration is at least 10 hours to be eligible for a certificate.
  • Getters: Methods to get the values of the additional attributes.


// Main class to test the Course and OnlineCourse classes
public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Create a Course object
        Course course = new Course("Java Programming", "Dr. Timaios Pliny", 4);

        // Create an OnlineCourse object
        OnlineCourse onlineCourse = new OnlineCourse("Advanced Java", "Prof. Isacco Lyuba", 4, "Google", 10);
        System.out.println("Eligible for Certificate: " + onlineCourse.isEligibleForCertificate());


Main Class:

  • Creates instances of Course and OnlineCourse and demonstrates the usage of their methods.


Course Name: Java Programming
Instructor: Dr. Timaios Pliny
Credits: 4

Course Name: Advanced Java
Instructor: Prof. Isacco Lyuba
Credits: 4
Platform:  Google
Duration: 10 hours
Eligible for Certificate: true

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