JavaScript: Convert the length of a given string in bytes

JavaScript fundamental (ES6 Syntax): Exercise-13 with Solution

Write a JavaScript program to convert a given string's length to bytes.

  • Convert a given string to a Blob Object.
  • Use Blob.size to get the length of the string in bytes.

Sample Solution:

JavaScript Code:

//#Source https://bit.ly/2neWfJ2 
// Define a function called `byte_Size` that calculates the byte size of a string.
const byte_Size = str => new Blob([str]).size;

// Test the function with different strings
console.log(byte_Size('Hello World'));    



Visual Presentation:

JavaScript Fundamental: Convert the length of a given string in bytes


flowchart: Convert the length of a given string in bytes

Live Demo:

See the Pen javascript-basic-exercise-1-13 by w3resource (@w3resource) on CodePen.

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