JavaScript: Make a string uncamelize

JavaScript String: Exercise-12 with Solution

Write a JavaScript function to uncommelize a string.

Test Data:
"hello world"

Visual Presentation:

JavaScript: Make a string uncamelize

Sample Solution:-

JavaScript Code:

// Define a function called uncamelize that takes two parameters: a string (str) and an optional separator
function uncamelize(str, separator) {
  // Assume default separator is a single space.
  if(typeof(separator) == "undefined") {
    separator = " ";
  // Replace all capital letters by separator followed by lowercase one
  var str = str.replace(/[A-Z]/g, function (letter) 
    return separator + letter.toLowerCase();
  // Remove first separator
  return str.replace("/^" + separator + "/", '');
// Test the function with different inputs and separators and print the results to the console


hello world


In the exercise above,

The code defines a function called "uncamelize()" which takes a string 'str' and an optional 'separator' parameter. If the 'separator' is not provided, it defaults to a single space.

  • The function replaces all capital letters in the string with the separator followed by the lowercase version of the letter.
  • Then it removes the first occurrence of the separator from the beginning of the string.
  • Finally, it returns the modified string.


Flowchart: JavaScript- Make a string uncamelize

Live Demo:

See the Pen JavaScript Make a string uncamelize - string-ex-12 by w3resource (@w3resource) on CodePen.

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