JavaScript: Alphabetize a given string

JavaScript String: Exercise-25 with Solution

Write a JavaScript function to alphabetize a given string.

Alphabetize string : An individual string can be alphabetized. This rearranges the letters so they are sorted A to Z.
Test Data:
console.log(alphabetize_string('United States'));

Visual Presentation:

JavaScript: Alphabetize a given string

Sample Solution:

JavaScript Code:

// Function to alphabetize a string
function alphabetize_string(str) 
    // Split the string into an array of characters, sort them alphabetically, then join them back into a string
    return str.split('').sort().join('').trim();

// Output the result of alphabetizing the string 'United States'
console.log(alphabetize_string('United States'));




The above JavaScript code defines a function called "alphabetize_string()" that takes a string ('str') as input and returns the string with its characters sorted alphabetically. Here's a breakdown of what each part does:

  • str.split(''): Splits the input string into an array of characters.
  • .sort(): Sorts the array of characters alphabetically.
  • .join(''): Joins the sorted array back into a string.
  • .trim(): Removes any leading or trailing whitespace from the resulting string.
  • return: Returns the alphabetized string.


Flowchart: JavaScript- Alphabetize a given string

Live Demo:

See the Pen JavaScript Alphabetize a given string - string-ex-25 by w3resource (@w3resource) on CodePen.

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