Movies released in the USA

Retrieve all movies from the 'movies' collection that were released in the USA and include complete information for each movie.

Structure of 'movies' collection:

    _id: ObjectId("573a1390f29313caabcd42e8"),
plot: 'A group of bandits stage a brazen train hold-up, only to find a determined posse hot on their heels.',
genres: [ 'Short', 'Western' ],
runtime: 11,
cast: [
      'A.C. Abadie',
      "Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson",
      'George Barnes',
      'Justus D. Barnes'
poster: 'https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMTU3NjE5NzYtYTYyNS00MDVmLWIwYjgtMmYwYWIxZDYyNzU2XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzQzNzQxNzI@._V1_SY1000_SX677_AL_.jpg',
title: 'The Great Train Robbery',
fullplot: "Among the earliest existing films in American cinema - notable as the first film that presented a narrative story to tell - it depicts a group of cowboy outlaws who hold up a train and rob the passengers. They are then pursued by a Sheriff's posse. Several scenes have color included - all hand tinted.",
languages: [ 'English' ],
released: ISODate("1903-12-01T00:00:00.000Z"),
directors: [ 'Edwin S. Porter' ],
rated: 'TV-G',
awards: { wins: 1, nominations: 0, text: '1 win.' },
lastupdated: '2015-08-13 00:27:59.177000000',
year: 1903,
imdb: { rating: 7.4, votes: 9847, id: 439 },
countries: [ 'USA' ],
type: 'movie',
tomatoes: {
viewer: { rating: 3.7, numReviews: 2559, meter: 75 },
fresh: 6,
critic: { rating: 7.6, numReviews: 6, meter: 100 },
rotten: 0,
lastUpdated: ISODate("2015-08-08T19:16:10.000Z")


db.movies.find({ countries: "USA" })


    _id: ObjectId("573a1391f29313caabcd6e2a"),
plot: "A newly wedded couple attempt to build a house with a prefabricated kit, unaware that a rival sabotaged the kit's component numbering.",
genres: [ 'Short', 'Comedy' ],
runtime: 25,
cast: [ 'Buster Keaton', 'Sybil Seely' ],
num_mflix_comments: 1,
title: 'One Week',
fullplot: "Buster and Sybil exit a chapel as newlyweds. Among the gifts is a portable house you easily put together in one week. It doesn't help that Buster's rival for Sybil switches the numbers on the crates containing the house parts.",
languages: [ 'English' ],
released: ISODate("1920-09-01T00:00:00.000Z"),
directors: [ 'Edward F. Cline', 'Buster Keaton' ],
rated: 'TV-G',
awards: { wins: 1, nominations: 0, text: '1 win.' },
lastupdated: '2015-05-07 01:07:01.633000000',
year: 1920,
imdb: { rating: 8.3, votes: 3942, id: 11541 },
countries: [ 'USA' ],
type: 'movie',
tomatoes: {
viewer: { rating: 4.3, numReviews: 752, meter: 91 },
lastUpdated: ISODate("2015-09-13T18:22:19.000Z")


The said query in MongoDBretrieves all movies with full information from the 'movies' collection that were released in the USA.

The find() method searches the 'movies' collection for documents where the value of the 'countries' field is "USA". It retrieves all movies released in the USA.

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