Retrieve and display user preferences in PHP session variable

PHP Cookies and Sessions: Exercise-10 with Solution

Write a PHP script to retrieve and display user preferences stored in the session variable.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code :


if (isset($_SESSION["preferences"]))
    $userPreferences = $_SESSION["preferences"];

    echo "User Preferences:</br>";
    foreach ($userPreferences as $key => $value) {
        echo $key . ": " . $value . "</br>";
    echo "No user preferences found.";


Sample Output:

User Preferences:
theme: light
language: Spanish
notifications: 1


In the above exercise -

  • We start the session using session_start() to initialize the session.
  • Check if the session variable named "preferences" is set using isset($_SESSION["preferences"]).
  • If the session variable is set, we retrieve its value using $_SESSION["preferences"] and assign it to the variable $userPreferences.
  • Display a heading "User Preferences:" followed by a loop that iterates over the $userPreferences array. Inside the loop, we display each preference key and its corresponding value.
  • If the session variable is not set, we display the message "No user preferences found."
  • When we run this script, it checks if the session variable "preferences" is set. If it is set, it will retrieve and display user preferences. If it is not set, it will display a message indicating that no user preferences were found.


Flowchart: Retrieve and display user preferences in PHP session variable.

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