Retrieve and display PHP cookie value for a given user

PHP Cookies and Sessions: Exercise-2 with Solution

Write a PHP script to retrieve and display the value of the cookie named "username".

Sample Solution:

PHP Code :

$cookieName = "username";

if (isset($_COOKIE[$cookieName])) {
    $cookieValue = $_COOKIE[$cookieName];
    echo "Value of cookie 'username': " . $cookieValue;
} else {
    echo "Cookie 'username' not found.";

Sample Output:

Value of cookie 'username': Gulnara Serik.


In the above exercise -

  • First we define the variable $cookieName with the name of the cookie we want to retrieve, which is "username".
  • Next, we use the isset() function to check if the cookie with the specified name exists in the $_COOKIE superglobal array. If it exists, we retrieve its value using $_COOKIE[$cookieName] and store it in the variable $cookieValue.
  • We then display the cookie value by echoing the message "Value of cookie 'username': " concatenated with $cookieValue.
  • If the cookie does not exist, we display the message "Cookie 'username' not found."


Flowchart: Retrieve and display PHP cookie value for a given user.

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