PHP: Set a session variable with the given value

PHP Cookies and Sessions: Exercise-4 with Solution

Write a PHP script to set a session variable named "userid" with the value 10020.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code :


$_SESSION["userid"] = 10020;

echo "Session variable 'userid' has been set with the value 10020.";

Sample Output:

Session variable 'userid' has been set with the value 10020.


In the above exercise -

  • The code starts with session_save_path('i:/custom/'). This line sets a custom path (i:/custom/) for storing session files. You should replace i:/custom/ with the actual path where you want to store session files.
  • The code then calls session_start(). This function initializes a new or existing session.
  • After starting the session, the code assigns the value 10020 to the session variable named "userid" using $_SESSION["userid"] = 10020;.
  • Finally, the code uses echo to display the message "Session variable 'userid' has been set with 10020.".


Flowchart: Set a session variable with the given value.

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