PHP script to count lines in a text file

PHP File Handling: Exercise-3 with Solution

Write a PHP script to count the number of lines in a text file.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code :

$filename = "i:/test.txt";

try {
    $lineCount = 0;

    $fileHandle = fopen($filename, 'r');
    if ($fileHandle === false) {
        throw new Exception("Error opening the file.");

    while (!feof($fileHandle)) {
        $line = fgets($fileHandle);
        if ($line !== false) {


    echo "Number of lines in the file: " . $lineCount;
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo "An error occurred: " . $e->getMessage();

Sample Output:

Number of lines in the file: 5


In the above exercise -

  • We have a $filename variable that holds the name of the text file for which we want to count the lines.
  • Inside the try block, we initialize a $lineCount variable to 0, which stores the number of lines.
  • We open the file using fopen() with the 'r' mode to read the file.
  • If there is an error opening the file, we throw an exception with the error message "Error opening the file."
  • We then enter a loop using feof() to check if we have reached the end of the file. Inside the loop, we use fgets() to read each line from the file. If a line is successfully read ($line !== false), we increment the $lineCount variable.
  • After counting the lines, we close the file using fclose().
  • Finally, we display the number of lines in the file using the echo statement.


Flowchart: PHP script to count lines in a text file.

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