PHP class for rectangle: Area and perimeter calculation

PHP OOP: Exercise-1 with Solution

Write a PHP class 'Rectangle' that has properties for length and width. Implement methods to calculate the rectangle's area and perimeter.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code :

class Rectangle {
    private $length;
    private $width;

    public function __construct($length, $width) {
        $this->length = $length;
        $this->width = $width;

    public function getArea() {
        return $this->length * $this->width;

    public function getPerimeter() {
        return 2 * ($this->length + $this->width);

$rectangle = new Rectangle(12, 9);
echo "Area: " . $rectangle->getArea() . "</br>";
echo "Perimeter: " . $rectangle->getPerimeter() . "</br>";

Sample Output:

Area: 108
Perimeter: 42


In the above exercise -

  • The "Rectangle" class has two private properties: $length and $width, which represent the rectangle's dimensions.
  • The constructor method __construct() initializes the rectangle's length and width.
  • The getArea() method calculates and returns the rectangle's area by multiplying its length and width.
  • The getPerimeter() method calculates and returns the rectangle perimeter using the formula: 2 * (length + width).


Flowchart: Area and perimeter calculation.

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