PHP class with a static property

PHP OOP: Exercise-13 with Solution

Write a class called 'Logger' with a static property called 'logCount' that keeps track of the number of log messages. Implement a static method to log a message.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code :

class Logger {
    public static $logCount = 0;

    public static function log($message) {
        echo $message . "</br>";
Logger::log("Log message 1");
Logger::log("Log message 2");
Logger::log("Log message 3");

echo "Total log count: " . Logger::$logCount . "</br>";


Sample Output:

Log message 1
Log message 2
Log message 3
Total log count: 3


In the above exercise -

  • The "Logger" class has a static property called $logCount, which is initially set to 0 and will be incremented each time a log message is logged.
  • The log() method is a static method that takes a $message parameter and echoes the message. It also increments the logCount property using self::$logCount to refer to the static property.


Flowchart: PHP class with a static property.

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