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PHP Array Exercises : Change the array values to upper or lower case

PHP Array: Exercise-12 with Solution

Write a PHP function to change the following array's all values to upper or lower case.

Sample arrays :
$Color = array('A' => 'Blue', 'B' => 'Green', 'c' => 'Red');

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

function array_change_value_case($input, $ucase)
$case = $ucase;
$narray = array();
if (!is_array($input))
return $narray;
foreach ($input as $key => $value)
if (is_array($value))
$narray[$key] = array_change_value_case($value, $case);
$narray[$key] = ($case == CASE_UPPER ? strtoupper($value) : strtolower($value));
return $narray;
$Color = array('A' => 'Blue', 'B' => 'Green', 'c' => 'Red');
echo 'Actual array 
'; print_r($Color); echo '
Values are in lower case.
'; $myColor = array_change_value_case($Color,CASE_LOWER); print_r($myColor); echo '
Values are in upper case.
'; $myColor = array_change_value_case($Color,CASE_UPPER); print_r($myColor); ?>

Sample Output:

Actual array Array                                          
    [A] => Blue                                             
    [B] => Green                                            
    [c] => Red                                              
Values are in lower case.Array                              
    [A] => blue                                             
    [B] => green                                            
    [c] => red                                              
Values are in upper case.Array                              
    [A] => BLUE                                             
    [B] => GREEN                                            
    [c] => RED                                              


Flowchart: Change the array values to upper or lower case

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