PHP Array Exercises : Get the largest key in an array

PHP Array: Exercise-16 with Solution

Write a PHP script to get the largest key in an array.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

// Define an associative array $ceu with countries as keys and their capitals as values
$ceu = array(
    "Italy" => "Rome",
    "Luxembourg" => "Luxembourg",
    "Belgium" => "Brussels",
    "Denmark" => "Copenhagen",
    "Finland" => "Helsinki",
    "France" => "Paris",
    "Slovakia" => "Bratislava",
    "Slovenia" => "Ljubljana",
    "Germany" => "Berlin",
    "Greece" => "Athens",
    "Ireland" => "Dublin",
    "Netherlands" => "Amsterdam",
    "Portugal" => "Lisbon",
    "Spain" => "Madrid",
    "Sweden" => "Stockholm",
    "United Kingdom" => "London",
    "Cyprus" => "Nicosia",
    "Lithuania" => "Vilnius",
    "Czech Republic" => "Prague",
    "Estonia" => "Tallin",
    "Hungary" => "Budapest",
    "Latvia" => "Riga",
    "Malta" => "Valetta",
    "Austria" => "Vienna",
    "Poland" => "Warsaw"

// Use 'max' and 'array_keys' functions to find the maximum key in the associative array
$max_key = max(array_keys($ceu));

// Echo the maximum key
echo $max_key . "\n";



United Kingdom    


Flowchart: Get the largest key in an array

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