PHP Array Exercises : Floor decimal numbers with precision

PHP Array: Exercise-18 with Solution

Write a PHP function to floor decimal numbers with precision.

Note: Accept three parameters number, precision, and $separator
Sample Data :
1.155, 2, "."
100.25781, 4, "."
-2.9636, 3, "."

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

function floorDec($number, $precision, $separator)
$number_part=explode($separator, $number);

$ceil_number= array($number_part[0],$number_part[1]);
return implode($separator,$ceil_number);
print_r(floorDec(1.155, 2, ".")."\n");
print_r(floorDec(100.25781, 4, ".")."\n");
print_r(floorDec(-2.9636, 3, ".")."\n");

Sample Output:



Flowchart: Floor decimal numbers with precision

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print $factorial( 5 );

Ref : https://bit.ly/38dj7jm