PHP Array Exercises : Sort entity letters

PHP Array: Exercise-25 with Solution

Write a PHP function to sort entity letters.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

// Define a function to sort an array of entities
function entity_sort($my_array) {
    // Iterate through each element in the array
    foreach ($my_array as &$element) {
        // Check if the element is not empty
        if (!empty($element)) {
            // Prepend the element with its first character
            $element = $element[0] . $element;
    // Sort the modified array
    // Iterate through each element in the array
    foreach ($my_array as &$element) {
        // Remove the first character from each element
        $element = substr($element, 1);
    // Return the sorted array
    return $my_array;
// Create an array containing space, "&", and ">"
$arr = array(" ", "<", "&");
// Call the entity_sort function and print the result


Array ( [0] => [1] => & [2] => < )


Flowchart: PHP - Sort entity letters

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