PHP Array Exercises : Create a letter range with arbitrary length

PHP Array: Exercise-30 with Solution

Write a PHP program to create a letter range with arbitrary length.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

// Define a function named letter_range that takes a length as input
function letter_range($length)
    // Initialize an empty array to store the result
    $data_range = array();
    // Create an array of uppercase letters from 'A' to 'Z'
    $letters = range('A', 'Z');
    // Iterate through the specified length
    for($i=0; $i<$length; $i++)
        // Calculate the starting position for each iteration
        $position = $i * 26;
        // Iterate through the letters and generate combinations
        foreach($letters as $ii => $letter)
            // Increment the position
            // Check if the position is within the specified length
            if($position <= $length)
                // Add the generated combination to the result array
                $data_range[] = ($position > 26 ? $data_range[$i-1] : '').$letter;
    // Return the array containing the generated letter combinations
    return $data_range;

// Test the function with a length of 7 and print the result



    [0] => A                                                
    [1] => B                                                
    [2] => C                                                
    [3] => D                                                
    [4] => E                                                
    [5] => F                                                
    [6] => G                                                


Flowchart: PHP - Create a letter range with arbitrary length

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