PHP Array Exercises : Get an array with the first key and value

PHP Array: Exercise-47 with Solution

Write a PHP function to get an array with the first key and value.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

function array_1st_element($my_array)
  list($k) = array_keys($my_array);
  $result  = array($k=>$my_array[$k]);
  return $result;
$colors = array('c1'=>'Red','c2'=>'Green','c3'=>'Black');

Sample Output:

    [c1] => Red                                             


Flowchart: PHP - Get an array with the first key and value

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PHP: Tips of the Day

PHP: Pass a PHP string to a JavaScript variable (and escape newlines)

  var myvar = <?php echo json_encode($myVarValue); ?>;

Using json_encode() requires:

  • PHP 5.2.0 or greater
  • $myVarValue encoded as UTF-8 (or US-ASCII, of course)

Since UTF-8 supports full Unicode, it should be safe to convert on the fly.

Note that because json_encode escapes forward slashes, even a string that contains </script> will be escaped safely for printing with a script block.

Ref : https://bit.ly/34f0Dym


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