PHP Class Exercises : Display a string

PHP class: Exercise-1 with Solution

Write a simple PHP class which displays the following string.

'MyClass class has initialized !'

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

class MyClass {
// Define a class named MyClass
class MyClass {
    // Define a constructor method
    public function __construct() 
        // Output a message indicating that the class has been initialized
        echo 'MyClass class has initialized !'."\n";

// Create an instance of the MyClass class
$userclass = new MyClass;


MyClass class has initialized !


In the exercise above,

  • class MyClass {: This line defines a class named "MyClass".
  • public function __construct() {: This line defines a constructor method for the "MyClass" class. The constructor method is automatically called when an object of the class is created.
  • echo 'MyClass class has initialized !'."\n";: This line outputs a message indicating that the class has been initialized.
  • $userclass = new MyClass;: This line creates an instance of the "MyClass" class, which triggers the execution of the constructor method and outputs the initialization message.

Flowchart :

Flowchart: Display a string

PHP Code Editor:

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