PostgreSQL Basic SELECT Statement: Select first ten records from a table

18. Write a query to select first ten records from a table.

Sample Solution:


-- Selecting the employee ID and first name from the employees table, limiting the result to the first 10 rows
SELECT employee_id, first_name 
-- Selecting data from the employees table
FROM employees  
-- Limiting the result set to the first 10 rows


  • This SQL code selects the employee ID and first name from the "employees" table.
  • It limits the result set to include only the first 10 rows using the LIMIT clause.
  • The result set will contain employee IDs and first names for the first 10 employees in the employees table, based on the default ordering of the table.

Sample table: employees


pg_exercises=# SELECT employee_id, first_name
pg_exercises-# FROM employees  LIMIT 10;
 employee_id | first_name
         100 | Steven
         101 | Neena
         102 | Lex
         103 | Alexander
         104 | Bruce
         105 | David
         106 | Valli
         107 | Diana
         108 | Nancy
         109 | Daniel
(10 rows)

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