PostgreSQL Create Table: Create a table countries, with columns country_id, country_name and region_id

1. Write a SQL statement to create a simple table countries, including columns country_id, country_name and region_id.

Sample Solution:


CREATE TABLE countries (
COUNTRY_ID varchar(3),
COUNTRY_NAME varchar(45) ,
REGION_ID decimal(10,0)


postgres=# CREATE TABLE countries (
postgres(# COUNTRY_ID varchar(3),
postgres(# COUNTRY_NAME varchar(45),
postgres(# REGION_ID decimal(10,0)
postgres(# );

To see the structure of the created table :

postgres=# postgres=# \d countries;
           Table "public.countries"
    Column    |         Type          | Modifiers
 country_id   | character varying(3)  |
 country_name | character varying(45) |
 region_id    | numeric(10,0)         |

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