PostgreSQL String() Function: Get the locations that has on and below the minimum character length of street address

10. Write a query to get the information about those locations which contain the characters in its street address is on and below the minimum character length of street_address.

Sample Solution:


FROM locations 
WHERE LENGTH(street_address)<=(
SELECT  MIN(LENGTH(street_address)) 
FROM locations);

Sample table: locations


pg_exercises=# SELECT *
pg_exercises-# FROM locations
pg_exercises-# WHERE LENGTH(street_address)<=(
pg_exercises(# SELECT  MIN(LENGTH(street_address))
pg_exercises(# FROM locations);

 location_id | street_address | postal_code |      city       | state_province | country_id
        1600 | 2007 Zagora St | 50090       | South Brunswick | New Jersey     | US
        2400 | 8204 Arthur St |             | London          |                | UK
(2 rows)

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