PostgreSQL Update Table: Change the value of a column with user defined text

1. Write a SQL statement to change the email column of the employees table with 'not available' for all employees.

Sample table: employees

Sample Solution:


-- This SQL statement updates the 'email' column in the 'employees' table, setting all values to 'not available'.

UPDATE employees SET email='not available';


  • The UPDATE statement is used to modify existing records in a table.
  • employees is the name of the table being updated.
  • SET email='not available' specifies that the value of the 'email' column for all rows should be set to 'not available'. This effectively replaces the existing email addresses with the string 'not available' for all employees in the table.


See the result. Only two rows have been displayed.

postgres=# SELECT * FROM employees LIMIT 2;
 employee_id | first_name | last_name |     email     | phone_number | hire_date  | job_id  |  salary  | commission_pct | manager_id | department_id
         100 | Steven     | King      | not available | 515.123.4567 | 1987-06-17 | AD_PRES | 24000.00 |           0.00 |          0 |            90
         101 | Neena      | Kochhar   | not available | 515.123.4568 | 1987-06-18 | AD_VP   | 17000.00 |           0.00 |        100 |            90

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