Python Projects: Fetch a list of articles of BBC news

Python Web Project-9 with Solution

Create a Python project to fetch BBC news. Fetch a list of articles in JSON format from newsapi.org.

Sample Output:

1.) Covid-19: US tops 25 million coronavirus cases
2.) Chinese and Indian troops 'in new border clash'
3.) Russia Navalny protests: Kremlin hits out at West as it downplays rallies
4.) Buccaneers to face Chiefs in Super Bowl
5.) Covid: Police and protesters clash during Dutch curfew demo
6.) China takes new foreign investment top spot from US
7.) Are Egypt's dreams of democracy still alive?
8.) Heatwave sweeps Australian cities and raises bushfire danger
9.) Boeing 737 Max cleared to fly again 'too early'
10.) Uganda ordered to end Bobi Wine's house arrest

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

import requests
_NEWS_API = "https://newsapi.org/v1/articles?source=bbc-news&sortBy=top&apiKey="
def fetch_bbc_news(bbc_news_api_key: str) -> None:
    # fetching a list of articles in json format
    bbc_news_page = requests.get(_NEWS_API + bbc_news_api_key).json()
    # each article in the list is a dict
    for i, article in enumerate(bbc_news_page["articles"], 1):
        print(f"{i}.) {article['title']}")

if __name__ == "__main__":


Flowchart: Fetch a list of articles of BBC news.


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