Delaying Print Output with asyncio Coroutines in Python

Python Asynchronous: Exercise-1 with Solution

Write a Python program that creates an asynchronous function to print "Python Exercises!" with a two second delay.

Sample Solution:


import asyncio

async def print_delayed_message():
    await asyncio.sleep(2)  # Wait for 2 seconds
    print("Python Exercises!")

# Create an event loop and run the asynchronous function
async def main():
    await print_delayed_message()

# Run the event loop


Python Exercises!


In the above exercise, the "delayed_message()" function is defined as an asynchronous coroutine. It uses the await asyncio.sleep(2) statement to pause the execution of the coroutine for 2 seconds. Then, "Python Exercises!" is printed to the console.

The main coroutine runs the delayed_message coroutine. The asyncio.run(main()) line starts the event loop, which executes the asynchronous operations defined in the coroutines.


Flowchart: Delaying Print Output with asyncio Coroutines in Python.

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