Python: Get last modified information of a file

Python Datetime: Exercise-38 with Solution

Write a Python program to get last modified information of a file.

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

import os, time
def last_modified_fileinfo(filepath):
	filestat = os.stat(filepath)
	date = time.localtime((filestat.st_mtime))

	# Extract year, month and day from the date
	year = date[0]
	month = date[1]
	day = date[2]
	# Extract hour, minute, second
	hour = date[3]
	minute = date[4]
	second = date[5]
	# Year
	strYear = str(year)[0:]

	# Month
	if (month <=9):
	    strMonth = '0' + str(month)
	    strMonth = str(month)

	# Date
	if (day <=9):
	    strDay = '0' + str(day)
	    strDay = str(day)

	return (strYear+"-"+strMonth+"-"+strDay+" "+str(hour)+":"+str(minute)+":"+str(second))

Sample Output:

2017-04-19 15:15:52


Flowchart: Get last modified information of a file.

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