Python: Get a dictionary from an object's fields

Python dictionary: Exercise-16 with Solution

Write a Python program to get a dictionary from an object's fields.

Sample Solution:-

Python Code:

# Define a class 'dictObj' that inherits from the 'object' class.
class dictObj(object):
    # Define the constructor method '__init__' for initializing object attributes.
    def __init__(self):
        # Initialize attributes 'x', 'y', and 'z' with string values.
        self.x = 'red'
        self.y = 'Yellow'
        self.z = 'Green'
    # Define a method 'do_nothing' that doesn't perform any actions (placeholder).
    def do_nothing(self):

# Create an instance 'test' of the 'dictObj' class.
test = dictObj()

# Print the '__dict__' attribute of the 'test' object, which contains its attribute-value pairs.

Sample Output:

{'x': 'red', 'y': 'Yellow', 'z': 'Green'}

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