Python: Replace dictionary values with their average

Python dictionary: Exercise-37 with Solution

Write a Python program to replace dictionary values with their sums.

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Python Dictionary: Replace dictionary values with their average.

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

# Define a function 'sum_math_v_vi_average' that takes a list of dictionaries as input.
def sum_math_v_vi_average(list_of_dicts):
    # Iterate through each dictionary in the input list.
    for d in list_of_dicts:
        # Extract and remove the 'V' and 'VI' values from the dictionary.
        n1 = d.pop('V')
        n2 = d.pop('VI')
        # Calculate the average of 'V' and 'VI' and store it as 'V+VI' in the dictionary.
        d['V+VI'] = (n1 + n2) / 2
    # Return the modified list of dictionaries.
    return list_of_dicts

# Create a list of dictionaries 'student_details' containing student information.
student_details = [
  {'id': 1, 'subject': 'math', 'V': 70, 'VI': 82},
  {'id': 2, 'subject': 'math', 'V': 73, 'VI': 74},
  {'id': 3, 'subject': 'math', 'V': 75, 'VI': 86}

# Call the 'sum_math_v_vi_average' function and print the modified list of student details.

Sample Output:

[{'subject': 'math', 'id': 1, 'V+VI': 76.0}, {'subject': 'math', 'id': 2, 'V+VI': 73.5}, {'subject': 'math', '
id': 3, 'V+VI': 80.5}]

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