Creating Python classes with dynamic attributes

Python ellipsis (...) Data Type: Exercise-9 with Solution

Write a Python program that creates a custom class with an 'init' method. Use 'ellipsis' to indicate that some attributes may be added dynamically.

Sample Solution:


class MyClass:
    def __init__(self, attribute1, attribute2, attribute3, attribute4=...):
        self.attribute1 = attribute1
        self.attribute2 = attribute2
        self.attribute3 = attribute3
        self.attribute4 = attribute4

    def set_attribute4(self, value):
        self.attribute4 = value

# Create an instance of the MyClass
obj = MyClass("Red", "Green", "White")

# Access and print the attributes
print("Attribute 1:", obj.attribute1)
print("Attribute 2:", obj.attribute2)
print("Attribute 3:", obj.attribute3)
print("Attribute 4:", obj.attribute4)  # Attribute 4 is represented by '...'

# Dynamically add a value to attribute3

# Access and print the modified attribute3
print("Modified Attribute 4:", obj.attribute4)


Attribute 1: Red
Attribute 2: Green
Attribute 3: White
Attribute 4: Ellipsis
Modified Attribute 4: Orange

In the exercise above, we define the "MyClass" class with an 'init' method that takes three required attributes ('attribute1', 'attribute2' and 'attribute3') and one optional attribute ('attribute4') represented by 'ellipsis (...)'. This indicates that 'attribute4' may or may not be provided during object creation.

We create an instance of the "MyClass" class and access its attributes. Initially, 'attribute4' is represented by '...' . Later, we dynamically set a value for 'attribute4' using the "set_attribute4()" method.


Flowchart: Creating Python classes with dynamic attributes.

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