Python NamedTuple example: Point coordinates

Python NamedTuple Data Type: Exercise-2 with Solution

Write a Python program that defines a NamedTuple called Point with fields x, y and z representing the coordinate of a point. Access and print the fields.

Sample Solution:


from collections import namedtuple
# Define a NamedTuple named 'Point' with fields 'x', 'y', and 'z'
Point = namedtuple("Point", ["x", "y", "z"])
# Create an instance of the Point NamedTuple
p = Point(4, 7, 10)
# Access and print fields using dot notation
print("x:", p.x)
print("y:", p.y)
print("z:", p.z)


x: 4
y: 7
z: 10

In the exercise above, we first define a NamedTuple named 'Point' with fields x, y, and z. Then, we create an instance of the 'Point' NamedTuple with specific values for each field. Finally, we access and print the fields' values using dot notation.


Flowchart: Python NamedTuple example: Point coordinates.

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