Python: Generate all the combinations with repetitions of k types of things taken n at a time

Python Itertools: Exercise-13 with Solution

Write a Python program that will select a specified number of colours from three different colours, and then generate all the combinations with repetitions.

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

from itertools import combinations_with_replacement
def combinations_colors(l, n):
    return combinations_with_replacement(l,n)
l = ["Red","Green","Blue"]
print("Original List: ",l)
print("\nn = 1")
print(list(combinations_colors(l, n)))
print("\nn = 2")
print(list(combinations_colors(l, n)))
print("\nn = 3")
print(list(combinations_colors(l, n)))

Sample Output:

Original List:  ['Red', 'Green', 'Blue']

n = 1
[('Red',), ('Green',), ('Blue',)]

n = 2
[('Red', 'Red'), ('Red', 'Green'), ('Red', 'Blue'), ('Green', 'Green'), ('Green', 'Blue'), ('Blue', 'Blue')]

n = 3
[('Red', 'Red', 'Red'), ('Red', 'Red', 'Green'), ('Red', 'Red', 'Blue'), ('Red', 'Green', 'Green'), ('Red', 'Green', 'Blue'), ('Red', 'Blue', 'Blue'), ('Green', 'Green', 'Green'), ('Green', 'Green', 'Blue'), ('Green', 'Blue', 'Blue'), ('Blue', 'Blue', 'Blue')]

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